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A slight change of format this week. If you look at the bottom you will note that there is now an Unsubscribe and Update your details section. This means if some of you would prefer to change the address where your receive this email, you can make the changes yourself.

This is all being handled by a great little program called PHPlist ( open source of course) and you can find a link way way way down the bottom of the page for them.

Now that all the housekeeping is out of the way. On with the show

It’s a nostalgia week this week is a web site where you can play dozens of classic Commodore 64 games in your browser. The games run as Java applets and a few of them are a bit funky or slow, but there’s a huge selection to choose from. Warning: Extreme Impediment to Productivity. Don’t follow the link unless you’re prepared to lose a quite a few hours.

Continuing the nostalgia theme… over on the blog is a video from 1973 of Pink Floyd playing Careful with that Axe Eugene …live at Earls Court.

I think that’s probably enough nostalgia….

Moving along to something new, and obviously equally bandwidth intensive, we will probably end up getting this ad on our tele’s eventually, but the new Honda Civic commercial in the UK is based around a chorus who create all of the sound effects with their mouths. I absolutely love it. Hit the link to get to the Honda Civic page, skip the Flash intro, and then hit the “Watch” button.

Now for something a tad less bandwidth intensive.

In the mood for something crafty?
Oh, come on, it’ll be fun. Make-a-Flake isn’t new, but as it’s the middle of summer and the “new” trams airconditioning is less that adequate let’s pretend it’s snowing. You’ll find cutting the little folded piece of paper in this Flash toy pleasantly soothing. Just like the real thing, but no dead trees needed.

Spybot: The Nightfall Incidentis an awesome, free, turn-based strategy game from LEGO (yep the plastic block dudes). Your goal is to navigate the main map, conquering “nodes” along the way by engaging in battle. For each battle you choose a few of your “programs” which each have different attacks and abilities in order to kill all the enemy programs. It’s a fun and deep Shockwave game with cute graphics that really shouldn’t be missed.
{Memo to self: Have a look at the Spybotics toys}

Now don’t forget the to pop into the blog ( ) for the odd update during the week.

Have a good one


{ Currently listening to old Pink Floyd and Rob Costlow (check out cc365 for Sunday) }
By the way if you find Grant’s choices aren’t to your taste, send him a line and let him know. He is a really nice guy to chat with.
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