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I hope everyone enjoyed the snippets of music Jools and I did last week. I know I did. Allan Underhill (an old friend of Jools and mine), gets “Blamed” this week. AND It really isn’t my fault this time. He found out about the whole hard drive noise competition thing too late to enter (Why wasn’t he reading the blog hhmmmm? C’mon Allan, jump in here and tell me why you weren’t hanging on my rantings.). So here
is a page that has his attempt at it.

We hate him, he can actually play. It’s really good (b*st*rd, mutter, grumble, more rude words)

So if anyone else wants to add a piece, send it in and I will put it up. You know the deal. Use the dead hard drive samples, 48 hours, under 3 minutes and away you go. No prize just “fame”.

Moving along. The forum for student doctors working in emergency rooms, has a thread for “lessons learned from my patients,” it never looks like this on the tele. 37 pages some funny, some weird, some disturbing. Make sure you have finished breakfast.
Some examples:
When your 15yo daughter gives precipitous delivery to a bleating, underweight infant 30 minutes after presenting to triage citing “gas pains”, you should run around the department loudly yelling, “I don’t know what y’all did or who that baby is, but my lil’ girl warn’t pregnant when she come in here”


“…but even better I once spent a day snowboarding and forgot to wear sunscreen. I got an absolutely blistering sunburn. A co-worker picked up a chart and said, “oh, K****, you should see this one.” The chief complaint was sunburn. I went in and said, “Hi, I’m Dr. M*****. How can I help you?” to a patient who wasn’t burned nearly as badly as I was. Without even making eye contact the snivelling, crying patient began telling me about their horrible, painful sunburn. In mid sentence they happened to look up at me, said, “Oh!” and stopped crying.”
I really lead a sheltered life.

This isn’t really one for work (but you can print off all the rules there). This is
“The Sound of Music Drinking Game” link.
The game begins with the popping of the first bottle of champagne/sparkling white. This must be done at precisely the moment that Maria begins singing her first note. If the popper has an error of more than a second either before or after, the popper must skull his/her first glass. and it goes down the slippery slope of alcoholic excess very quickly after that point.

Here’s one for all the Nora Ephron fans. The Sleepless In Seattle movie trailer cut to look like a horror movie. (This is amazing editing)

This is just weird . Radio Controlled Steam Powered machines. They are real miniature live steam engines and very pretty in a Captain Nemo sort of way. “Principles are simple, heat + water = steam, steam pushes pistons and provides power in a circular motion…. and then whack in a bunch of electronics for control :)”.

Yes, yes of course I want one, the crab walker reminds me of something Sid (from Toy Story) would have made.

And NO i haven’t forgotten the Flash game. The goal this time is to collect the blue stars by running into them with the blue ball. Of course, nothing’s ever that simple. You guide the ball through the maze by using the mouse to tip the entire playing field this way and that, and it’s way trickier and way more addictive than it looks. Cororo the Maze.. for your playing pleasure.

Now don’t forget the to pop into the blog ( ) for the odd update during the

CC:365 has had some good stuff this week. Day 33 : Over All Brothers – My Style was a good little pop piece.

As usual Have a good one

and Get Well Bill

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