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Here we go again.

Lets begin this week once again with Blame.

This weeks “Dont Blame Me, It’s {insert poor unsuspecting victims name here} Fault” is courtesy of Karen.
A pithy (oh grow up) enough email

“At the risk of being blamed… ”

Well you were. and I found it hysterical… but that’s me

And here is an entry from Scotland, This time we “Blame” Jason (although if he want’s to slip us a bottle or two of single I feel sure we can all deny everything… I digress).

Jasons contribution is and I fell off my chair laughing. You really really really dont want your systems people to see this (oh wait. that’s me. Consider yourselves busted). I loved dinosaurs.

And for those out there desperate for the weekly games fix (you will get over it… trust me)
This week we offer up Puzzle Express
It’s an demented cross between Tetris and… god knows what else.
Here’s the deal, you get a train with an open container on it and your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to fill it with Tetris-like pieces that appear on a conveyor belt.
The catch and we all knew there would be one, is, you have to fill it up completely, no holes left, and of course we have a time limit. (Going well isn’t it) Sometimes you’re presented with two boxcars side-by-side and must fill them simultaneously with pieces from the same conveyor belt.
Did I perhaps mention that if your conveyor belt fills up, you are toast?
When you finish filling one box, it’s whisked away and another one rolls up.
Two thoughts: One, there’s a little red square in the lower left. That’s a single (1×1) piece that you can use to fill pesky holes, but you have a limited supply (this took me several levels to figure out, its called research).
Two, save 1×2 pieces as long as you can, you’ll need them.

Talk about bad timing dept.

OK. If Mickey D can turn my blog post about lana Yahav the sand animation artist from last week into an ad. I can use Burgers as a theme for this weeks game called Burger Tyme.
No sound, but the gameplay is OK.

The Human Clock – A Clock Photo for Every Minute of the Day and this one

On June 17th, every year, this family goes through a private ritual: they photograph themselves to stop a fleeting moment, the arrow of time passing by.

And here is an example of why you shouldn’t drink with your mates…
The Monorail Puppy Mover
“It all started as a joke idea from the whacky, yet creative mind of The Monorail Society (TMS) member James Horecka, while enjoying lunch on a Friday afternoon. James thought it would be funny to make a PRT, or Puppy Rapid Transit vehicle, and send a picture to TMS headquarters for a laugh. Quickly the concept grew beyond a single car PRT vehicle into a monorail train full of puppies! By 3 PM that afternoon, parts were being purchased for the project. ” {insert head shaking here}
Didn’t these guys watch the Simpsons?

CC:365 bits of note from the last week:
Day 42 : The West Exit – Calico
Day 44 : Metropolitan – Delorian
Day 45 : Williamson – Time You’ll Never Get Back (I really liked this one)

Now don’t forget the to pop into the blog ( ) for the odd update during the

As usual Have a good one

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{ Quick Status Check: Yep… still going to hell}

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