This week with all the fuss in Hollywood about the Oscars I felt I should start with something cinematically appropriate. I got over it.

This comes from Salon ( http://www.salon.com ) Installation artist Peter William Holden built a wonderful little machine consisting of eight umbrellas that “dance” to “Singin’ In The Rain.” The video of the mechanical performance is a hoot.

From Holden’s description of his work:

Busby Berkeley choreographed dancers to mimic the motions of machines and modern inventions. “AutoGene” is the flipside of this. It’s a simple aesthetic looking robot composed of eight modified umbrellas mounted in a circular pattern. A cocktail of air hoses and electrical cables join these umbrellas to a central computer which enables “AutoGene” to produce a choreographed dance to music which erodes the machine’s mechanical qualities and transforms the mundaneumbrellas into magical animated objects.

Go and check it out. (Be patient)

I really didn’t believe this. I know that the Star Trek program inspires fanatical devotion but this is fairly extreme. Check out http://www.reighn.com/theaterconcept.html
Boldly Going Where No Home Theatre Has Gone Before

Crimson Room has been around for a while. And yes it’s another point-and-click Flash adventure. But Crimson Room is right up near the top of the genre. It has a good look too, never mind the crimson coloured walls that will slowly drive you out of your mind. You have to love a game that begins “I drank too much last night”. Click until you’re out?

This weeks “Don’t Blame Me, It’s {insert poor unsuspecting victims name here} Fault” is Andy L and Jason ( from Scotland.. again) and I quote

Hi Thatch, you had me cracking up this morning and I haven’t even
checked your links yet!
Below is from the wilds of the north again (good to see blame
> >
> > http://www.whtmtnliving.net/games/sports/beer_golf.htm
> >

Pong. A wonderfully nostalgic frisson passes over you as you hear the name and ponder about the insane amount of time you spent playing it. I mean two players, one control each, one ball, one screen; it’s about as simple as games get, but what if 30 people are trying to control your paddle at once?

Welcome to the 21st century “social networking” Massively Multiplayer Pong, a Flash game in which you and a few dozen other people play an endless game of pong against a few dozen other people, but still with only the two controls and the one ball. A cute experiment in gestalt? Hive Mind Gaming? For all that Massively Multiplayer Pong is a lot of fun.

OK this is the day you jack in your headphones and don’t do any work Today you play with “Sheeps Get Their Grooves On”, a wonderful (and very simple) flash sequencer created by Rebecca Nesson from Harvard. I tried to get the reggae sequence to sound like the dub bits from the Sinead O’Connor album I am listening too. Didn’t quite get there.

CC:365 bits of note from the last week: http://indieish.com/
(If you haven’t checked out this site make sure you do. Go over and have a listen and say Hello to Grant.)
Day 58 : Suchita and Tushar Parte – Swar Prabhat (Bollywood)
Day 61 : Happy House – Fige Dans la Cire (Crunchy guitars)
Day 63 : Beth Quist – Crazy (Who knows… I just liked it)

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