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Sorry but it’s a quick one this week. Day jobs and all that.

If you love to fly, but never get the window seat, the Holding Pattern Screensaver is perfect for you. Holding Pattern turns your idle computer screen into an airplane window, complete with a moving aerial view. So now you can find out what all the fuss is about. And it’s for Mac and Windows.

and then there’s this. This gem is from an online job agency. If you work in an office you will appreciate this one. Some days cartoon violence IS the answer…. ask the road runner.

Gorrillaz is one of those love them or hate them bands. Me, I thought Dirty Harry was pretty good but some of the recent stuff hasn’t really worked. But hey we are here to despatch the Flash Game bit not discuss the vagaries of virtual bands. On the Gorillaz site there is a great little jeep game. Seriously weird fun (I spent more time flying through the air upside down than I did on the road right side up). Have a look.

Continuing on with the car theme. Hands up everyone who remembers PacMan. Everybody loves PacMan, right? Baja is similar in that you have to duck and dodge another car, while collecting items (flags) to clear stages. But this puppy is done in 3D, done in Shockwave, and your car has a fuel limit. Controls (we don’t need no stinking controls) can be a tad weird, but overall this is a great several minutes spent. The music is annoying and there’s no way to turn it off. It looks seriously cool though, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll have about as much fun as you had playing PacMan way back when

CC:365 bits of note from the last week:
Day 65 : Guarapita – Tendence Negative (a Venezuelan punk/ska band… how can you not give that a try)
Day 68 : Math and Physics Club – Graduation Day (Morrissey Lives)
Day 70 : Bleep – Anenome (don’t ask)

Now don’t forget the to pop into the blog ( ) for the odd update during the week.

As usual have a good one

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  1. – at least the ‘beingit’ one got a smile from the suffering staff here who are lamenting missing out on the moomba parade (I wanted to see the man on stilts,to).

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