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Well the Games are consigned to the fish wrapper of the past and now maybe we can get a seat on the tram again.

Now lets have a look at “Blame” no seriously, Thomas Edwards is an artist who creates “Technological art that explores the interface between people and machines”. He has created a sculpture titled Blame, which senses your presence and then swings an arm with an accusing finger towards you, and in a loud voice “proceeds to blame the viewer for some horrible crime against society”. Then the arm continues to scan for a new victim to blame.” Sorry but there is no video just some stills. It appeals to me… go figure.

Bored with your backdrop and the “network nazis” haven’t locked you out of changing your desktop background? Stroll over to Wikipedia , they have a page of featured images from the collaborative encyclopedia that are large enough and most will look pretty spiffy hiding behind your icons. I personally rather like the mushroom. Featured_desktop_backgrounds

OK before we investigated this week’s treasure trove of Flash whatsits lets make you feel all warm and fuzzy (and this will also help if you get sprung playing). It’s been reported and I quote
“Who says games aren’t good for you? A new study suggests that playing casual games including puzzle games can help you maintain a healthy mind. The research is being published by PopCap Games and The Games for Health Project. The findings are being presented as part of the Serious Games Summit happening this week at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Jose, Calif.”
So if the powers that be stroll up and what to know what you think you are doing you can answer authorativly,
“defined cognitive exercise that can play a critical role in healthy aging thus assisting the company to lower it’s insurance premiums” or not.

Now on with the games.
Music Brothers is a Korean Flash game, the page is unintelligible but hey we ‘ve all done this often enough to know One simple rule “Click everything in site” .You guide a group of cute dancing blobs along a path of arrows. You progress by pressing the arrow key that matches the next arrow on the path. Each key you press plays a musical note and each level is a little song that you have to complete before your time runs out. If you press a wrong key you’ll lose one of the blobs from your group, but you can gain more blobs or get other bonuses by pressing space bar when you encounter round faces on the path. The graphics are … hmm I don’t think any of my first three choices will get through the corporate net nannies.

Funky Truck. It’s not so much like driving a real monster truck.( like I’d know???) It’s more like driving a Flash-based approximation of Motocross. That old side scrolling physics toy made into a game, reborn again in Flash form. One arrow backward, the other forward, and if you roll over you’re toast.. The trick seems to be don’t go too fast. While it’s fun to see your truck become orbital… it’s probably more fun to get your name on the high score boards (don’t bother looking. I’m not there)

CC:365 bits of note from the last week:
Day 84 : Hype – My Innocence (Turn this up to Eleven… Yaaay)
Day 82 : Steven Dunston – California (Who took there Steely Dan pill this morning)
Day 81 : Vitaminsforyou – Six O’Clock Whispers (I like this)
Day 79 : Arietys – Rue du passé ( I will swear I wrote something like this 20 years ago… it just had more reverb and phaser)

Now don’t forget the to pop into the blog ( ) for the odd update during the week.

As usual have a good one

{ Currently listening to the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir and Concrete Blonde }
{ Quick Status Check: No real suprises. Public transport probably is hell}

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