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Jools and I were taken to see Donal Lunny and Andy Irvine (part of the Brunswick Music Festival) on Thursday. Bloody brilliant. Makes up for missing Richard Thompson a few weeks back.

Flash Games: Sushi Samurai is a cute remake of arcade classic BurgerTime, except (in case you hadn’t twigged ) with sushi. If you played the BurgerTime game a few weeks back, you’ll pick this up in no time. But just in case here’s the short version.

You control a little samurai who must walk across the sushi ingredients to make them fall into the dishes below. However, the bad guys include tofu, radishes, and an evil puffer fish. Your weapon of choice is wasabi to immobilize the enemies and you can pick up the odd bonus. Cool and silly.

How about totally whacked Flash Games. There’s a new Hapland game come out, Hapland 3 it’s the newest game in this “popular” (with masochists)series, and puzzle fans, you aren’t going to be disappointed. It’s tough. If you get stuck (trust me you will) and feel the need for some assistance as opposed to just trashing the monitor stroll over to the comments at Jay is Games.

If you didn’t catch any coverage of the DARPA Grand Challenge a month or two back, it is now available online in chapter form titled The Great Robot Race on the official site. Here is the an excellent synopsis…

“Join NOVA for an exclusive backstage pass to the DARPA Grand Challenge, a raucous race for robotic, driverless vehicles sponsored by the Pentagon, which awards a $2 million purse to the winning team. Armed with artificial intelligence, laser-guided vision, GPS navigation, and 3-D mapping systems, the contenders are some of the world’s most advanced robots. Yet even their formidable technology and mechanical prowess may not be enough to overcome the grueling 130-mile course through Nevada’s desert terrain. From concept to construction to the final competition, “The Great Robot Race” delivers the absorbing inside story of clever engineers and their unyielding drive to create a champion, capturing the only aerial footage that exists of the Grand Challenge.”

I mean how can you walk past that?

This was inflicted on me and then I had the happy thought, ” I can share”.
“I Wanna Love You Tender” by Armi & Danny (from Finland) is so appallingly bad ( in a Eurovision kind of way) that you just don’t know what to do, Stick with it, the choreography gets better???

Now on to some real music.

In 1938, Leadbelly recorded “Bourgeois Blues” to protest the racism he encountered in Washington, D.C. Seven decades later, England’s premiere folk-punk-poet-bard Billy Bragg noticed a few things going on in the U.S. capital that rubbed him the wrong way. On his current sold-out American tour, Billy has been performing his own version of “Bourgeois Blues” with a modern twist.

Download it for free

CC:365 bits of note from the last week:
Day 92 : Drunksouls – Give Me A Sign ( this reminds me of Stone Temple Pilots. I think?)
Day 90 : Lithium – Secret Girl (Woo hoo more crunchy guitars)
Day 87 : Swirl of Dust – Maya ( a very pretty piece )

Now don’t forget the to pop into the blog ( ) for the odd update during the week.

As usual have a good one


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