Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20060522


Another week gone by, don’t you love the whooshing sound they make as they sail past? So if you are all seated comfy, I’ll begin.

Lets start with Blame (and nepotism)
Jools gets a guernsy again this week for her contribution to Eye Candy (just because they can)

Possible impedimentia here.

Thanks Jools. (and I am stealing the “impedimentia” tag)

I have this bizarre fascination with Lego. (We have talked about this before). We have two to look at this week.
No. 1 is a Pinball Machine, yep flashing lights, flippers and a bunch of power adaptors.
I quote
“Designed and built by Gerrit Bronsveld and Martijn Boogaarts, this fully functional pinball machine boasts a number of novel features, including a working coin slot (50 cent Euro coins only, please!), a functional tilt switch (to detect table movement), rotation bumpers (to generate extra ball speed) and an automatic ball-kickback mechanism. Thirteen RCX units were used to control all of the board functions, driven by custom programs written using the alternate NQC (Not Quite C) programming language. Gerrit and Martijn used more than 20,000 LEGO bricks in their creation, along with an equally impressive number of other elements”


No. 2 is a clock, “Yeah yeah, a clock. Big ticking deal” I hear you say.
Again I quote
“When Bob Kojima announced his rolling ball clock on Lugnet a few months ago, I knew I had to build one someday… I bought a stock of balls on Bricklink, and here is the result. The main modification was the use of a RCX to obtain good long time stability – I finally obtained less than 1 minute drift over 24 hours.”
You have to wonder? Dont you?

Now a WARNING (see that was a warning ’cause it was in BIG letters). These aren’t workplace friendly. Trust me your systems people will kill you (after they take a copy). Over at there’s a big list of 101 Free Games available for downloading. There is something here for nearly everyone. Strategy, Puzzles, Shoot em ups, you name it. That will keep you going for a while.

Once again you’re probably thinking it’s time for some music and you’d be right. Its time for CC:365 bits of note from the last week: but Grant seems to be having a glitch or two so we will have to do something else this week.

Ross Ryan has put a new single MP3 up for download. Stroll over and have a listen. It’s a good album. (How long till the next one Ross?)

AND in a sublime to the sodding ridiculous.

Spike Priggen of Bedazzled has kindly made available a video of the Sex Pistols performing “Anarchy in the UK” on a 1976 television show. This is before Sid joined the band. 30 years huh? It’s not only the weeks that are zipping by.
While we are at it, here is the Clash from 1979

Or you could read a book.
Chris Howard has released a young adult sf thriller called “Nanowhere” under a Creative Commons license, stashed about the site under the heading “collateral material” are the lab notes and papers of one of the book’s characters. I read the first bit but have temporarily moved it off my palm thing to make space for some manuals Jools found.

Now don’t forget the to pop into the blog ( ) for the odd update during the week.

As usual have a good one
{ Currently listening to: Superjesus and The new EmmyLou Harris / Mark Knopler collaboration }
{ Quick Status Check: Hmm Eurovision is on, are you sure this isn’t is hell. I just saw the winners. Awesome}

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