Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20060605

Everybody has a blog it would seem, including Geoffrey Chaucer. I’m sorry but this cracked me up, it’s all written in Middle English here is the :”About Me”…
“I here neyther that ne this, for when my labor doon al ys and have made al my rekenynges I goon hom to my hous anoon and, also domb as any stoon, I sitte at another book tyl fully daswed ys myn look. Certes, I oghte to get outte more. Thou kanst fynde myn feede for liveiournale at the username ‘chaucerhathblog,’ sum swete soule hath sette yt vp for me.”
Mind boggling for a Monday.

Geoffrey has some interesting stuff “Playing on Myne Ipod” to boot.

OK you are at work and they have stupidly left the supplies cupboard door open. What to do with this unexpected bounty. Well here’s a suggestion. Build a Trebuchet.
Step by step instructions of how you can fling bluetak four feet. (OK so it isn’t a small car half a kilometer… it’s built out of paperclips and rubber bands… what do you want)
Send pictures if you get one going.

This is my favorite for this week. It’s been around for ages (2003?) and it’s done in Flash.

Here’s this weeks addicting flash game. Within a Deep Forest is a freeware (yaaay) platform styled game for Windows. You’re a bouncing ball and your mission is to stop the bad guys (one Dr Cliché) from freezing the world. Saccharine cute but don’t let it put you off, this is a tough little game. Its puzzles are going to push your patience and your reflexes, but it has good controls and game play. The further you go the more tools you get.

About now your probably thinking it’s time for some music and you’d be right. Its time for some music and I was planning on doing something with som bands from the Seventies. It will have to wait a week or so. Here is some stuff to keep you going.

*Matters of Fiction*
Very SLick and commercial. but I like the guitars and the voice. (Weirdly reminds me of Grant Lee?)

Yummy guitars, I wish the vocals were a bit more up in the mix but it stopped me to see who was playing so that says something. There is a bunch of other stuff over at their site

Camp is a apparently a trio from Zurich and never left the eighties. Seriously infectious and possibly not in a good way
Their site is at

Now don’t forget the to pop into the blog ( ) for the odd update during the week.

As usual have a good one

{ Currently listening The Spies and ate Rusby}
{ Quick Status Check: Still Going to Hell }

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