Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20060619


Jools and I actually went to a concert yesterday, we went and saw Kavisha and La Voce Della Luna, they were magic as always and we were treated to a short ( too short some might say) bracket by Kavisha solo. Jools and I are going to have to go and see more live music. It’s good for you (unless you are sitting in the front row when they need a map of Italy… you had to be there).

In the meantime lets have some fun with photos this week.

Worth1000 is a site that gives people who spent tons of money buying Photoshop an excuse to use the OTHER 90% of the functions they paid for but are never likely to use in real life. Why? I hear you ask. Because they can. A recent contest challenged users to fake UFO-sighting photos. It’s a bumpy ride but the good ones are hysterical. (thank you TinyURL) or &display=photoshop#entries

Continuing the “fake photo” theme. A couple of years back, artist Cayetano Ferrer took some photos of the scene behind several Chicago street signs and then pasted the prints on top of the signs to bend the local punters minds as they wonder what happened. Evidently Amnesty has a campaign using the same idea.

This from Jools (who owns two goldfish)
I couldn’t stop laughing for hours. If you saw the Mythbusters episode about goldfish you will love this.

Flash Madness. This is a pointless waste of time (yeah right… fake UFO’s and trained goldfish are really earth shattering important) but weirdly compelling. Levers game that requires you to make a mobile by hanging bits and pieces that fall from the sky. I have spent way too much time on this one.

About now your probably thinking it’s time for some music and you’d be right, this week we have good news. Firstly stroll over to and have a listen to the pieces that are there.
Duggup is a new blog that is being shared by Jools, Ian (Jack) and me. There you will find slightly longer reviews and a wider choice than just my tastes.
Leave a comment and let us know what you think. It (like everything on the web) is a work in progress.

The other good news is that cc365 is back and starting to fire up again. Grant has managed to get some help and so now you have two places to find music you never knew you would like..

As usual have a good one

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