Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20060731


Good morning, another week has flitted by and I’ll bet that like me you didn’t even notice it whooshing past (it’s the same sound as deadlines make as they go past). This week I am going to start with the game BUT there is a reason for this. PRETENTIA.COM (the company who pay for the bandwidth for this stuff) have an almost mystical link with sheep (but only if they are in Ireland or Scotland).
Any way here is this weeks Flash game. It’s a hoot.

This site has just the one of the best names Extreme Instability and when you see the pictures Mike Hollingshead takes of the weather you will agree. Mike is a chaser, you know the whackoes who cruise around “Tornado Alley” in the stats looking for weather. Big Baddda Boom weather. I should point out that I love Twister – the movie not the game. ( ) Check out the Aurora shots , truly beautiful.

Jools found this next couple of items
First up. What do you get when you put roller blades and bottles together?
Next a superman game.
and You can save Metropolis
Nothing will save the film.

I want one of these, it looks so cool. Really clever design make this incredible kite look digitally pasted right into the sky. Checkout the pics. Designed by Tim Elverston, this high-end kite is a gem! (Highend is natures way of saying “Sell the first born”)

And lastly some of the highlights from
Happy House. Insidious pop, foreign language lyrics, still humming it weeks later
The Used: Eleven is the only word that comes to mind.
Kleptones: Find out what happened to the 21st century.
Now don’t forget the to pop into the blog ( ) for the odd update during the week.

As usual have a good one

{ Currently listening to Donovan and Rammstein }
{ Currently reading: The Long Tail by Chris Anderson}
{ Quick Status Check: Still going to Hell but it’s amazing how many of you are coming along}
{Crop Circle Status Check: Still only 16 for July. Is this planet no longer fashionable?}
Terri notes that this one is a bit spiffy. she’s right

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