Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20060807


Welcome to the working week, but let’s not get to carried away. One or two of you have brought up the embarrassing “been sprung at work” ooops. So the first item this week is just for you.

WorkFriendly is a clever proxy that will reformat any web-page to look like a Word document, so that your snoopy boss and co-workers won’t catch you reading non-work-related sites. How cool is that? Now all we need is a working “cone of silence” for the music and laughter.

A few weeks back on the ThatchSpace blog, I spent some Sundays looking at wallpaper eye candy. Here is one that slipped through StudioTwentyEight is a personal design site run by Francisco Javier Ocasio Gotay, who is better known on desktop design sites like deviantART, WinCustomize and GetSkinned as KoL. This site is loaded with tones of stuff to custom up your desktop.

Jools spotted this one.

This person worth checking out as a potential Monday Morning impedimentia. Truly there is no other reason for this site to exist.
Jools ”
Check out the ducks.

You can blame Kalene for these two.
“Just clearing out my bookmarks and found two old favorites. I am not sure if this has been featured on MMITP, but I find some of the experiments at “How much is inside?” very entertaining- this one was particularly fun.

Similarly, with making large foods, the guys at “pimp that snack” are quite fun as well, but not at humorous in their writing style.

kalene ”

There are a series of amazing images over at PingMag called “Joe Nishizawa: Japan’s Underground Photography.” All the images are from a book of Nishizawa’s photographs, called Deep Inside, which explores the inner (and under) workings of Japan through photos. And I thought that the whole anime “bury the city underground” thing in Neon Genisis was fanciful. goes to show.

And of course we have the game, cant start the week without a game. This appears to have been bankrolled by our “8 cents a day “and is totally mental. The quick version is that a blue platypus has to turn the hydro power back on because the beer is getting warm. Go to it folks.

And lastly some of the highlights from
Jools discovered Andrew Ripp. Now it’s your turn. Check out Dresden Wine
Cool cool keyboards and a rhythm section that restores your faith Drop Trio
Can Australians play Americana? America has outsourced everything else. Why not?

Now don’t forget the to pop into the blog ( ) for the odd update during the week.

As usual have a good one

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{Crop Circle Status Check: Three for August but the month is still young.}
Final Score for July 2006 was 26… there was a late spurt in the last week

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