Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20060814


It’s Monday again, where does the time go, Do you realize that some of you have been receiving this stuff for over a year now. What’s worse is that I have been assembling this stuff for that long.

Got a colour printer at work, put it to some good use (this an oldie bat a goodie) Instead of staring at that Footy Tips poster, why not inspire yourself by making your very own motivational poster? All you need is a good picture and a pithy saying and away you go. Print it off and stick it up for the world to see.

We did storm chasers a few weeks back, so this crack out your ruby slippers, grab the dog and lets go chasing rainbows. You are way less likely to get killed this way
Here is one I took at Loch Ness, it’s down near the bottom of the page.

You think I am strange, have a look at the video on this site. Strobe light’s, flouro dyes, a video camera and way to much free time.

This one comes from Sylvanie a while back and David recently and a few others as well (you know who you are).
I wish some one would make the John Howard version, it’s rather fun poking at pollies.

As soon as I that Submachine 3: The Loop is out, I thought to myself, “Well there goes the day ” Submachine 3 is just as addicting as its predecessors, but with less hair-pulling and higher production values. It takes a slightly different direction, (we don’t need no stinkin’ plot) is now firmly in the puzzle genre , no collecting stuff,just solve the puzzle and move on (would that it was so easy). You flip turn cranks, flip switches, and push buttons. In theory a great Monday Morning time-waster.

This weeks highlights from
One of my favourite bands, soon to be one of yours
Bit embarrassing this one, I scrapped it in 30 seconds, Jools persevered and I am glad she did.
Weird Japanese bands, not really a lot more to say.

Now don’t forget the to pop into the blog ( ) for the odd update during the week.

As usual have a good one

{ Currently listening to Nina Hagen and Hiromi (bloody amazing)}
{ Currently reading: Managing Security with Snort and IDS Tools (O’Reilly) }
{ Quick Status Check: Still going to Hell, see the Book title above}

{Crop Circle Status Check: Six so far for August. Blowingstone Hill looks pretty.}
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  1. Yes where does the time go? Happy birthday! Forgot to mention that as an impediment eh?

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