Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20060828

Guess what it’s Monday again, another week has sailed by. I have nearly finished with the new servers project so you hopefully will see some of the benifits in the next few weeks.

Lets begin the week with “Blame” and the Flash Game all in one hit.
Jools found this.
This is a hoot, it isn’t worksafe from a volume point of view… SO TURN IT UP. I have successfully blown way too much time playing with this. Yellowman and all you Dub kings look out…

The devil may have all the good songs but you can have a cooler looking instrument. E. F. Keebler makes violins (which is kind of like saying DaVinci daubs paint). Inferno has a one-of-a-kind cast pewter devil’s head that contains two lasers that shine through the eyes, and a spark-throwing mechanism (no longer available, sorry!) that produces an inferno of sparks through the mouth and it’s got blinky lights, lots and lots of blinky lights. and if you want
to hear it.
This was found at
thanks Peter

Continuing with the musical theme, if you are sick of listening to canned music why not try The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra, it’s is a nine piece orchestra with instruments made from fresh vegetables, yep the instruments of the first Viennese vegetable orchestra consist solely of vegetables, except that where necessary additional (kitchen) utensils such as knives or mixers are used. This creates an outstanding, totally new sound which can not be achieved with traditional instruments. (I am not making this up) they have a gurkuphon and well just go here and have a listen:

Amazing. And when the concert’s over you can make soup.

Lets just finish with this week’s highlights from
JT Bruce is great. A cut above the usual “paid by the note” guitarfest and I really liked it.
Jools had a look at Tonchi, if you see this man’s name playing. GO AND LISTEN
Americana, totally glorious stuff with banjos.

Now don’t forget the to pop into the blog ( ) for the odd update during the week.

As usual have a good one

{ Currently listening to Ralph Towner and Thea Gilmore (Check out this mornings duggup) }
{ Currently reading: Sitepoint: Designing Without Tables }
{ Quick Status Check: Still going to hell. They have all the good music}
{Crop Circle Status Check: Still a measly 8 for August. No change, not a sausage. A pathetic pittance really}

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