Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20060904

This is being written while I wait for a bunch of servers to clone and get into sync. It takes so bloody long some days.

Anyway on with the show.

Kill the Teletubbies with a chainsaw. Tired of those teletubbies repeats on daytime tele, then its time to set things right, use a Pistol, Sniper Rifle or even a Chainsaw to kill them all!
Mike Dogan, who wrote this is a sick puppy. (Not worksafe or even taste safe)

Authorities in Norway have found the Edvard Munch paintings–The Scream and Madonna–that were ripped off at gunpoint two years ago from the Munch Museum. The thieves were convicted in May but the paintings hadn’t been recovered. “We are 100% certain they are the originals. The damage was much less than feared,” police said.

Now this is probably just coincidence but the paintings were discovered two days after Mars (Inc.) offered 2,000,000 dark chocolate M&M’s as a reward. Coincidence???? I wonder.

Continuing on with the Dark M&M’s, George (use the Schwartz) Lucas signed of on this M&M commercial product tie in. It is really silly.

And continuing on with Screaming…
Scream, is a cool little toy that sits in the system tray and it listens to your computer’s microphone for loud noises, and shuffles your windows around in response. Scream a little and one of your windows might move a little. Scream a lot and all of them will move around a lot. It also responds to “door slams, domestic disputes, and police helicopters” as well as music. In case you’re having trouble visualizing this, there are a few short videos of Scream in action on the web site. ( I am not making this up) (great site name huh?)

And lastly some of the highlights from over at
Have I mentioned Thea Gilmore yet. Check out the live to airs.
Jools was rather taken with Troubadelic
And how could I go past a band called Cynicism…

As usual have a good one

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