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Welcome to the wasting week as they say, the building getting paint bombed and the puppy from last week were obviously popular (use the comments on the website folks and let everyone enjoy) so we won’t being doing any of that this week… although Roger (you haven’t met him before) sent in a “Blame” item featuring “Talking Dogs” (I am not making this up… it’s all his fault). See what you think

“something for the MMItoP? I love it!!

Subject: Talking dogs
From: Roger xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ”

and no right of reply is guaranteed to cat lovers… this isn’t a democracy you know.

Which brings us to the French. And the best piece of news I have had this week is that Bushmills (the producers of an extremely fine tipple of the Irish Whiskey variety) are no longer owned by the French. They now make English Whiskey ( go to the Pugfest 2000 site and read the blog to find out the significance of all this) but the upshot is there is now an alternative to Single Malt Scotch again. Woo Hoo.
Jools has found this one, I love the bomp de bomp de bomp.
“The Japanese guys who tuned their entire flat over to dominoes are my current favourite – but this comes close.
Monday morning here it comes.

Jools ”

Now “The War against Moisture” continues to rage on and Cory Doctorow over at BoingBoing pointed out this weeks Flash Game, Airport Security. That?s right you get to be arbitrary and obnoxious playing an airport screener racing to confiscate objects from travellers’ luggage.

Apocalypse is a browser-based MMORPG, where everyone plays in the same world, a world filled with magic, technology, and few rules. Drawing upon the many concepts that have made RPGs exciting throughout the ages, Apocalypse tries to recreate the feel of a tradition pencil-and-paper RPG through the decisions and choices your character has to make.

For those who are a tad bandwidth challenged and want to kill things at a more sedate pace there’s Apocalypse. It tries to be a combination of all the elements of pencil-and-paper, tabletop Role Playing Games (RPG’s) that made them so fun to play. This means that you have stats, equipment, magic, skills, technology, special abilities, get to fight monsters, wizards, dragons, and “level up” (advancing your character), Having spent a lot of time at one point in my life trying to “Get the Gold, get the gold” this could be a great little timewaster.

And lastly some of the highlights from over at
Jools had fun this week from a serious metal band
to a five man acapella Christian vocal group
I found free podcasts of concerts recorded live from a museum in Boston (beautiful recordings)

As usual have a good one

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