Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20061002

Hi, A quick one this week

Jools is responsible for finding this one. Read the hype “The project was conceived of by a diverse group of experimental musicians communicating through the Internet. Inspired by the recent addition of spoken word audio clips to the Merriam-Webster and Microsoft Encarta online dictionaries demonstrating the correct pronunciation of each word, these artists have used the samples to create artificial vocals that “sing” karaoke. James Brown’s “I Feel Good” (reworked by Jim Allenspach) was the first song to be rendered in the dictionaraoke style, and many more tracks were soon to follow. Covering a wide range of hits from yesterday and today, the site now has over 30 different songs available for download. Many different styles are represented, featuring everything from the Beatles to the Beastie Boys. New songs are continually being added. In addition, the site offers features like the Song Of The Week, links to related topics, and all the information you need to start creating your own Dictionaraoke.”

In the infamous words of a certain movie ” I have a bad feeling about this”

Here is Jools message… I toyed with using this for a duggup post but I thought about it and after one of those light bulb moments knew where it would it would fit. Have an impedimentia. May I suggest? *AQUA* “barbie girl” *The Buggles* “video killed the radio star” and my personal fav….drums please *Gary Puckett* “young girl”

We haven’t played with Google Maps for a while, I like this one. Somewhere in the middle of Germany there is a very big bug. All that money for the satellites and they forget to clean the lens. here is the full link,10.205451&spn=0.002404,0.006738&om=1&spn=0.002404,0.006738&om=1

Yes yes yes, I know I said we wouldn’t be giving equal time to cats but this is silly

Today’s game, isn’t a game it’s a physics educational training simulation. (All right it’s a cool fun toy). Start with a blank white space and a line tool, draw a diagonal line from the top left to the bottom right. What you’re really doing is drawing a hill for a little dude to sled down . You can send your little sledder careening off of jumps (this is why we watch the Winter Olympics folks), but if the course is too rough he’ll be thrown from his sled (Yaaaay). No score, no time limit and no goal, but as a toy… way cool. It does have a save option that lets you set aside your favorite crashes er lines for later.

And lastly some of the highlights from over at lots this week stroll over and have a rummage.

As usual have a good one

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