Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20061030


Another high bandwidth assault this week I’m afraid. Lets start with Google Maps. Somewhere in Germany there is a bloody big earwig.
So? I wonder if it classes as a “bug” in the system?

Moving on. Back in July ( ) I mentioned one of my favourite urban myths “The Canada Coastguard story”. Well according to Jools (Blame her), it has moved to somewhere in the Irish Sea and is now an ad for Silva (they make compasses and stuff)

This is truly priceless.

Desperate Mousewives takes the dialog from a Desperate Housewives scene and sticks it under an old Mickey Mouse cartoon (both serendipitously produced by the same company, Disney). This is a great mashup it’s really funny (probably me) and reallyu weird at the same time. It was produced by Flying Squid Studios (they did the seriously not worksafe Skeltor mashups as well). Catch Desperate Mousewives in a hurry . I don’t see the “House of Mouse” being all that amused.

The game this week is from Craig (a new candidate for “Blame”)
“A game. Not sure if you have covered this one before, but I was pointed to it by someone else so hopefully it is new:

Very simple, but addictive. You hold the ball of paper down until you judge you can make the shot into the waste bin, allowing for wind speed and direction.
No we hadn’t covered it and Yes it is addictive.

Another item from Jools (I am sure she finds more stuff when she is writing essays)
“I’m submitting this as a MM Impedimentia owing to the amount of time it swallowed while I wasn’t looking. Attached you will find the ringtone it created for me. The experience is not unlike the stochastic algorithmic generator we used to play with. Works the same way too – fiddle with the dials and keep your fingers crossed.

Love you,

Love you too.

And lastly some of the highlights from over at
Tripping West was one of my favourite finds last week
and the rather disturbing Uncle Fritz
The Saturday Samples piece on Lucie Silvas was pretty spiffy as well
Lots of other interesting stuff this week stroll over and have a rummage.

As usual have a good one

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