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I grew up during the space race (as did a lot of us) and have always been fascinated by the things people do while they are weightless, blowing perfect bubbles and all the great footage from NASA over the years (I wonder if the Russians did the same things?) Any way here is the latest piece of fun footage from space, One bubble of water and one Alka Seltzer tablet (you know what happens next…)
I will swear that the last scene looks like the Jack Skellington

Today’s “Blame” is from Jools.
“Now I’m not into advocating cruelty on cats (I love cats) and I’m not much of a game player – but this is a flash game that fits the bill of time waster par excellence. My score is too puny to advertise. however person who is responsible for my wasting time on it, got 140.
Very silly. ”

WEBoggle is an online Boggle-type game in which you compete against dozens of other players to see who can create the most words from jumbled-up letters. Just type in your name, then choose your preferred board size: 4×4 or 5×5. You’ll immediately join the game that’s already in progress. Type your guesses as fast as you can; WEBoggle keeps a running tally of your score. Each game lasts three minutes, with a 30-second break in between.

OK, you played the previous game and got creamed well QWERTY Warriors is a breakneck speed Flash typing game in which you must annihilate advancing enemies by typing the words that appear next to them. The game is played in a top-down view with you, a lone soldier, in the centre. Typing the word that appears next to an enemy will make you turn and fire on it, usually destroying it. Mistype the word and you don’t fire. If the enemy gets within firing range it will try and kill you so you’d best dispatch it quickly. As you move through the game the words get longer,the enemies get tougher, move faster and fire further. Survive long enough and you’ll improve your typing and then you can go back to losing at Weboogle

And finishing off word games, here is a wonderful list of palindromes. Totally Mind Boggling

We have gone through a lot of games in the ongoing saga that is “Impediments”, today’s offering is Double Wires, yet another wonderfully addictive game that can be played in very short time increments, since an average session lasts mere seconds or minutes if you get good at it.

The objective in Double Wires is to simply get as far as you can along a course consisting of blobs of colour that you can latch your “two wires” onto, much like how Spiderman gets around. Just click in the direction you’d like one of his wires to shoot out, and it does so, and latches onto an object if it collides with one. You only have the two wires, so this game is all about the timing – when do you shoot your wires, and in which direction? Once you master the art of short and quick shots that allow you to move relatively quickly on horizontal plane, you’ll need to learn how to do large throws, where the character gets tossed high in the air by the strength of his elastic wire.
Serious fun and you can kiss goodbye a lunch hour or two

And lastly some of the highlights from over at
Lots of other interesting stuff last week, stroll over and have a rummage.

As usual have a good one


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