Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20061211


Blame, Blame, Blame, Blame.
Take this up with Jools.
“An Impediment if ever I saw one. ”

Me I always knew I hated dominoes.

But this one is very cool…
“Ah yes, another fabulous time waster. Impedimentia awayyyyy!
Jools ”

And in a attempt to get around the “obscurity filter, Phil sent in this.
“Hi Thatch.
Hmph! Obscurity filter indeed!
Fine then, try this one:
No, seriously. Try it. I dare ya!
Phil ”

So too obscure? What do you think. How about Roger’s attempt.

“this is just weird – but cool

{Previously blogged item removed. nice attempt though}

Rog ”

Hmmm USB Cooking and escaping octopus. I smell calamari?

Generate just about any kind of sign you can imagine at TXT 2 PIC, which serves up nearly 250 sign building tools. The selections range from billboards to Etch-a-Sketch to the Simpsons church sign. Just enter your desired text, tweak a few settings (like font size and color), and click the Generate button (which may be called something else depending on the sign). Once the sign has been generated, you can right-click to save it.

Movie Mashups. First up the Mary Poppins trailer recut as a horror movie ( I liked this one)
And an old favourite. Toy Story 2 meets Requiem for a Dream

And lastly some of the highlights from over at
This week a German Celtic Band, 20 year old sensitive singer songwriters (he’s good) and Madviolet and other interesting stuff, stroll over and have a rummage.

As usual have a good one


{Currently listening to George Thorogood and Dead Can Dance }
{Currently reading: Old Poirot stories – on my handheld }
{Quick Status Check: Phone? Check. Wallet? Check. Still going to Hell? Check}
{Crop Circle Status: Over ’til next year}

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