Music From a Competition

Lets begin with a quick plot synopsis.

Hitachi put up some .wav files with the sounds of hard drives gone bad. If you ever heard some of these sounds you will know all of them sound “expensive”. So Gizmodo offered a Tokyoflash Equalizer watch (lots and lots of blinky lights) to the person who uses those sounds to create a song that makes the whole world sing.

All of this was covered in the original post.

You can hear all of the competition results Odeo.
Mine is called Harddrive Stab and here is the review
“Tim Giachetti said:
Never been to a gay club?
You have now.
No really, good work, just a bit like Cher or any Diva queen could fit in there with the vocals.”

I think this is probably my favourite review ever.

Jools’ is called HardChill.mp3 and here is her review

“Tim Giachetti said:
Maybe it was timing, but this sucker here fit right in on my attitude at the time. Very nice, ethreal(?spelling?)even.9XKUDOS”

No we didn’t win.

Now onto new business.

Allan Underhill is an old friend who is a nifty little keyboard player (he’s played in at least two incarnations of my various bands) and found out about the Gizmodo competition too late to enter 🙁 . So with the same constraints, 48hours , the harddrive samples and around 3 minutes. Here is his entry Hard Drive at The Movies and he is releasing it under Creative Commons License
“This song is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.1 Australia License“.

and yes “we hate him”, it sounds really good. I personally think he “cheated” by actually playing his instrument. Now I ask you….

Never let a human do a job that should be done with machines.

Isn’t that right Agent Smith?

Ohh? and the winner of the Gizmodo comp? Drum Roll…. the envelope please….
Hitachi Hard-Drive Project – Noriko Version



  1. I really liked this. It’s kind of ‘voices from the other side’ ish. Played it to Seona and Phil when they came home last night and maybe it was the latenes, but it sounded even more surreal.

  2. Hey Thatch. I’ve just listened to yours and Jools’ entries. They’re way cool. Jools is a bit like Dr Who would be if he ran in a parallel universe and I can understand the link between yours and Cher. But she’d be wearing leathers and carrying a large metal weapon!

  3. – I thought by now you would know me as being a ‘surreal person’ karen !! (hello possum !!)
    – hey thatch,got a swing version I made of the Dr who theme song – interested ?

  4. There were some mighty fine entries in the competition and I think Allan’s entry would have had a shot at winning.

    I wasted a few hours putting mine together after watching Thatch – how many hours did you take to assemble yours Allan?

    I think I like Karen’s comment about my entry, I’m very fond of the Dr Who theme.

  5. I think about four nights for the original piece – sometimes they just ‘click’ and they fall into place,sometimes you feel as if it’s turned into a mill stone around your neck !

  6. -would you like me to email my (Dr who) version to you and thatch ? (I’m going out tonight but may be able to do it late tonight)–

  7. – mind you this doesn’t contain the drive noises – I was going to send it to you and jools for your amusement !

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