My Next Laptop…

Poohbear Epson LaptopThis is one of those wonderful things that I should never have been allowed to see.

According to FarEastGizmos Epson Direct Shop are selling their Epson Endeavour NT2850 laptops with a choice of livery. You can get your laptop tricked out in

  1. Micky Mouse
  2. Tinkerbell (it’s Japan folks … just go with it)
  3. or

  4. Winnie the Pooh (sadly the Disney Pooh not the real one).

The Pooh One looks kinda cool but “That’s NOT Pooh”

So here is were the weird starts, as I looked at the piccy, an idea popped into my seriously addled and overcrowded little brain ( not unlike the bear in question’s brain), out there in Melbourne there are some amazing airbrush artists and I could get one of them to paint, say the Hundred Acre Wood map (we’ve been there) as done by E.H. Shepard, on to the lid.

Cool huh?

I mean how much can it cost. OK possibly a frightening amount but it’s still a cool idea.

Oh! and If I want an mp3 player to match my new laptop, over at Akiba Live it’s reported that Creative Media will have four new Disney-themed ones on sale next month.

Hmm? How many shopping days til Christmas?

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