NASA – Apollo Chronicles

When I was growing up (be nice) I wanted to goto the Moon, which was never going to happen but hey that’s what dreams are for. I watched along with everyone else the “small step” and wished it was me.

Over at the NASA website they have the The Apollo Chronicles and it made for great reading and I still would love to go there.

Apollo Chronicles, episode 1: Dark Shadows — Apollo astronauts have noticed something strange about shadows on the moon.

Apollo Chronicles, episode 2: Jack Skis the Moon — Apollo astronaut Jack Schmitt says skiing on the moon is possible, and he’s invented a new way to do it.

Apollo Chronicles, episode 3: The Mysterious Smell of Moondust — Long after the last Apollo astronaut left the moon, a mystery lingers: Why does moondust smell like gunpowder?

Real Moon Facts. (thank you NASA)
Average Distance from Earth: 238,855 miles
Surface Area: 14,645,750 square miles
Length of Day: 27.3 Earth days
Length of Year: 27.3 Earth days
(Orbit Period = Rotation Period)
Minimum/Maximum Surface Temperature: -387° to 253°


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