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OK Everyone who DOESN’T like Neil Young. Move along there’s nothing for you here today. Sorry.

For the rest of you, I would suggest dashing over to Neil’s Garage and listening to “Living With War” (jolly little title what?). Yep All of it.

I think that it’s a fairly safe bet to say that Neil has the odd issue with Bush, Blair and Howard (checkout “Impeach the President” Track 7). He produced the entire album in the space of 3 weeks (he started recording on March 29th) as a protest against the Iraq war, and then figuring he had a snowballs chance of getting airplay released it by streaming it from the website. The MP3’s and the CD version are expected to follow along later. It seems he even forgot to mention it to his record company.

Grungy guitars, real drums, real vocals. damn it’s good.

There’s a “Living With War Blog” as well.

Turn it up to eleven. Of course the boss will understand… trust me.

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