Never forget your USB-stick again

Does your USB thingy plug in at the BACK of your PC?
Did you ever forget your USB stick at work, and then realised at home that you badly needed some files that were stored on it?
Of course you did, personally, I specialise in walking off and leaving CD’s in clients PC’s.

If so, then 4sysops article Never forget your USB-stick again is for you (and quite obviously me).

pcwUnstick is a Visual Basic script from PC WELT, a German computer magazine.

The script opens a pop up window whenever you shut down your PC if a USB-stick is still plugged-in. It works with Firewire hard disks too.

4 sysops have written an english guide. Thanks guys.

They also suggest that it can be installed through the Group Policy although they didn’t test it.


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