PC LinuxOS Live CD

Live CD Linux distributions offer a great way to learn Linux, troubleshoot computer problems, and share Linux with others. However, the process of creating your own customised Live CD can be quite daunting. Fortunately, there is a Linux distribution that makes creating a customised Live CD child’s play. This project shows you how to build your very own Live CD Linux using PCLinuxOS.

The process of creating your own PCLinuxOS-based Live CD (also known as remastering) consists of three major steps:

  1. installing the system on your computer
  2. customising the installed system by tweaking its settings and installing/removing software packages
  3. creating an ISO image.

Start with downloading the most recent release of PCLinuxOS from one of the mirrors listed on its website. Use CD burning software such as Nero Burning Rom for Windows to burn the downloaded ISO image. If you don’t have a commercial package, then you might consider a free alternative like CD Burner XP Pro. If you need to burn the ISO image on Linux, then you can use a CD burning package such as K3b, which is available with just about every major distribution.

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