Philharmonia Orchestra

In any discussion about digital technology and music, you seem to end up with the and people are often skeptical: doesn’t technology get in the way of making music? But lets face it, technology and music have always been interdependent, without technology none of those spiffy instruments would exist. The violin, and the piano and my personal favourite the guitar, are all just bits of wood and wire processed by technology.

So as a composer you would figure that maybe knowing how some of these acoustic instruments work would be fundamental to realizing your musical ideas.

Unfortunately, orchestration books are a minefield for composers trying to understand instruments. Books by definition can’t include musical examples, and the texts themselves are often less than helpful.

So here comes the good news. Imagine a textbook where real players talk about playing, instead of the lone voice of a theorist.

The Philharmonia Orchestra – The Sound Exchange: Home Page explores the instruments of the orchestra complete with examples. They are currently featuring the Harp.

This is a great site. A good way to loose a lot of time.

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