Portable Apps Suite

This logically follows on from What to DO with the USB Key you got for Christmas post froma while back.

PortableApps.com has put together Portable Apps Suiteâ„¢ is a collection of portable apps including a web browser, email client, web editor, office suite, word processor, calendar/scheduler, instant messaging client and FTP client, all preconfigured to work portably and be easy to back up.

Just drop it on your portable device and you’re ready to go.

Portable Apps Suite Contains:

  • Portable Firefox (web browser)
  • Portable Thunderbird (email client)
  • Portable OpenOffice (office suite)
  • Portable AbiWord (word processor)
  • Portable NVU (web editor)
  • Portable Sunbird (calendar & task list)
  • Portable FileZilla (FTP client)
  • Portable Gaim (instant messenger)

and all that open source goodness fits on a 256Mb USB memory key.

I will let you know how it goes after a few weeks.


So after loading all the nifty toys above on your USB thingy, you discover that it can be a tad tedious firing them up. The answer is you should have a quick look at PStart.

It’s a freeware tray tool to start user defined applications that you can run from your USB drive that remembers where to find your portable apps even if your portable storage device gets assigned a different drive letter (gotta love that trick) . When you’re not using it PStart hides behind a tray icon out of your way, it has a built-in notes function so you can take all those song lyrics, cheat codes, obscure URL ‘s with you as well.

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