Protection of Nessie perplexed men from the ministry

Hoax Ness MonsterI’m sorry, but I thought this was just wonderful. The annual Freedom of Information Act declassifying of top secret documents over in the UK has allowed Jean Forrest to write in the Herald (that’s the Scottish one… not the Melbourne one) a truly bizarre article titled.

Protection of Nessie perplexed men from the ministry

In it she writes…
“SENIOR government officials debated how best to protect the Loch Ness monster from poachers.
Newly-released files show that during the 1980s the government was in turmoil about how to deal with the monster should it ever surface.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the secretary of state for Scotland spent time contemplating whether Nessie should be protected.”

My favourite line.

“Unfortunately, Nessie is not a salmon and would not appear to qualify as a freshwater fish under the Salmon and Fisheries Protection (Scotland) Act 1951.”
. Well spotted sir.

Now in case you want to check up on Nessie. There is a webcam at (it appears to be mounted above Castle Urqhart (we’ve been there).

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