Rake Art or I Wondered Where The Crop Circles Went.

If you have been reading the Monday Morning Impediments posts recently, you may have noticed down the bottom that I have been keeping score of the crop circles in the UK and that this year has been measly, paltry and all the other words in the thesaurus for small as well.

RakeARtNow I do not wish to get into the argument about whether or not they are

  • A: “made by aliens” (of course they are)
  • B: “ephemeral “cereal art (of course they are)
  • C: plain hoaxes (of course they are)
  • D: All of the Above (of course they are)

But I may have found a reason for at least some of the downturn in numbers.

The makers (pick a likely suspect from the list above) have buggered of to the desert.

That’s right, the desert.

I mean WHAT ARE THEY THINKING. You could be knocking around in the English countryside, with a pub in every village, summer all around, checking out the Blackthorns cider that will be on tap at all of the hostelries (and it really is a very pretty countryside it is too, with very pretty pubs as well… but I digress)

But no, as is revealed over at Flickr there is a photo set entitled Rake art that exposes the whole thing.

They have buggered off to the desert.

Crop Circle Near AveburyGet a rake, do some art, sometimes take a picture from a kite. Clever. And pretty. But I don’t know about you but I can’t see an English pub being parked in the middle of the desert. I don’t think the English even have deserts.

No pubs, no Blackthorns cider, no wooden benches and tables and clouds and NO SODDING Crop Circles just sand and sand circles.

I mean sand circles it doesn’t even sound right. Does it?

All right you lot, get back to the green (er I say Penfold shouldn’t they be golden? Gosh DM I think you’re right. ) ahem GOLDEN fields where you belong and get that circle count back up where it belongs.

Thank you.

The pic top right is by Lenny and Muriel from their Flckr set.
The pic at left is by Jools from the 2000 Celtic Adventure trip.

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