Real World Studios Remixed Competition

Real World Studios started out as Peter Gabriel’s “home studio” and then like all good toys, grew like topsy. The studio has recorded (apart from Peter Gabriel’s works) , AfroCelt and Flook and a ton of other artists as well.

They are celebrating twenty years of Real World Studios by making available a sample pack; including all the vocals, from Peter’s original multitracks of Shock The Monkey. Recorded between spring 1981 and summer 1982 this track was one of the first to use sampling technology. Peter utilised the ground breaking Fairlight CMI and you can hear it and other classic machines such as the Linn Drum and the Prophet 5 synth throughout the sample pack.

and as icing on the cake they have announced the Real World Studios Remixed Competition

We’re pleased to announce the first Real World Remixed competition in association with Peter Gabriel, who’s given us Shock The Monkey to remix and Solid State Logic, who are donating a great prize.

Download the pack when it becomes available on the 28th of June, remix, then upload your finished mix back to this site – we’re going to be keeping an eye on the peer reviews and ratings, then we’ll sit down with Peter and listen to the pick of the mixes here in the first week of October. The winner will be announced on October 7th.

I know what I am going to be doing for the next couple of weeks.

Oh, there is also an AfroCelt sample pack for remixing as well. Yum.

UPDATE: Solid State Logic are providing one of the prizes. SSL has also started a new community site, called Mix Buss, which looks pretty cool Some of the articles are lifted straight from S.O.S. (Sound on Sound magazine), so there is some connection there, but I have always enjoyed the writing in SOS.

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