RIP Syd Barrett

By now you will probably have heard that Pink Floyd’s legendary founder, Syd Barrett has died at his Cambridgeshire home.

Here is a quote from the New Music Express…

The singer, 60, who suffered from an LSD-induced breakdown while at the peak of his career in the Sixties, died last Friday (July 7). It has been reported that he died from complications related to diabetes, however, other reports suggest the cause of death was cancer.NME.COM – News – Pink Floyd legend Syd Barrett dies

There is a ton of “new” SYd footage out there now, but my favourite is courtesy of Bedazzled Pink Floyd on “Look of the Week” 1967 with Hans Keller berating them for being to loud. Not too long after this the band got David Gilmour as second guitar and within a year Syd had left (or the band left Syd). Saucerful of Secrets was released with only one Syd Barrett track and that was the end of his career with Floyd.

But not his influence, for me, Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” with Shine On You Crazy Diamond (their tribute to Syd) will always be their best album and I can still remember in the late Sixties listening to Piper at the Gates of Dawn and being blown away, Astromomy Domine is the piece that they play on “Look of the Week”. I would set the speakers on the stereo up and make sure that I was sitting precisely in the middle. So that I would hear everything exactly how They wanted me too. Listening to Syd’s guitar and wondering how the hell did he get it to sound like that.

Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd are one of the bands that helped shape my taste in music. The band and Sid maybe gone but the music and what I learnt from them about the power of sounds I still use today.

Over at Sharpeworld there is a link to peter whitehead’s experimental film featuring some footage of Pink Floyd’s first recording session, I dont know avout the movie, but the band sound great.

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