Send large files easily.

Need to send really really big files quickly and easily, without clogging up your email?

The people in marketing want the proofs NOW, But your mail system wont allow you to send more than a 2M attachment?
Been there at least once too often?

Have a look at mailbigfile

Things to like about (I’ll give you a hint… the words “one gig upload”)

ONE: It doesn’t require registration, it’s simple (consisting of exactly four fields, two of which are optional)


TWO: It has an upload progress bar.

That last is a big, big deal, if you upload files up to a gigabyte (like but don’t have any indication of how long it’s going to take, or even if the upload has stalled, you will go insane very quickly.

Seriously all you need to do is add the email address you want to send it to an upload the file. The person you are sending it to gets a message saying they can find your file at such and such an address and that it will sit there for a week before being deleted.

Simple huh?

A couple of points to note.

This uses your browser to upload, one gig is going to take a while.

You are sending this out over your network, its your gig of bandwidth.

You really need to make sure that the person you are sending to can receive files of this magnitude. Preferably BEFORE you send it. Yes, yes, I know that they said they wanted it, but their systems people might have a thought or two on the subject. Get them to check.

If you kill the network performance, your systems people may want to have a little chat behind the bike shed after work, make sure your insurance is paid up.

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