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Ever been here?

You borrow a scanner and remember to grab the driver disk (clever you) and head for the library for an afternoon of plagiarism research.

So there you are sitting in a library with your laptop and it’s time to rock and roll and about now you discover that there is no character recognition software on the driver disk. Bugger.

Not to worry, over at SimpleOCR you can download a freeware character recognition program.

Here’s some of the hype…

Accuracy With optical character recognition up to 99% accurate, there is no better OCR application for the price. This increased accuracy greatly reduces the need for post-recognition proof reading and correction. And after all, isn’t that why you want to OCR the document in the first place? Of course it is!


Huge Dictionary – With more than 120,000 words, it is unlikely that SimpleOCR will run into a word it does not know. In the rare event that it does not, our improved text editor allows you to easily add the new word to the dictionary. By adding new words to the dictionary, SimpleOCR becomes better with every use.

Despeckle – For those documents which are not particularly clear (i.e. faxes, copies of copies, …), SimpleOCR provides a despeckle or “noisy document” option which increases SimpleOCR’s accuracy.

Format Retention – SimpleOCR can keep certain elements of the document’s format in the recognized document. From varying font sizes to font formatting elements such as underline, italic, and bold, SimpleOCR recognizes it all. For certain documents, it retains the original document’s format with up to 99% accuracy.

Image Retention – Along with the document’s text, SimpleOCR has the uncanny ability to capture and retain pictures from the document. This is a great feature which reduces the need to import images from a document by other means.

Plain Text Extraction – Just need the plain text from the original document? No problem. SimpleOCR can be set to recognize the characters and words but ignore the formatting. The resulting file is ready for your word processor or your HTML/web editor and your own custom formatting.

Simplified Error Correction – Our text editor highlights suspected errors in the recognized text for easier correction. This simplifies the otherwise time-consuming task of proof reading the recognized text for errors. But because SimpleOCR has up to 99% accuracy, you may never need this feature.

Input Formats – SimpleOCR works with all fully compliant TWAIN scanners and also accepts input from TIFF files. Output Formats – SimpleOCR can save the documents it acquires in text formats (TXT and RTF) importable into most every program such as Word, WordPerfect, HTML editors, and e-mail programs, either fully formatted or as plain text. Additionally, it can save scanned documents in the industry standard TIFF format, a format as widely accepted as PDF files.

System Requirements SimpleOCR works on any PC with either Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000, or XP. Your scanner need only a TWAIN driver, the driver that comes with a majority of all scanners sold. In short, SimpleOCR will most likely work with the PC and scanner you already have.

Pricing Our software is free for all non-commercial uses.

Can’t do better than that. I have used this (hence my writing it up) and it pretty well lived up to it’s hype. Worth remembering. (and yes the library did have WiFI)

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