Software for Starving Students

Software for Starving Students is a compilation CD of the best of freely available software for both Windows and Macintosh computers with a mind towards usefulness for students and educators, though most anyone could make use of the software included in this elegant package.

The list of included software is pretty amazing and includes a lot of the usual Open Source suspects and simply free software.
Software for Starving Students Packages

These programs are free to copy and distribute because they were made by volunteers in the open source and free software community and released under the GPL or a similar license. In some cases where there was no GPL compliant program sufficient to fill an important student function, some copyrighted programs were included with the explicit permission of copyright holders. This was allowed to maximize students’ benefit from using the SSS CD.

For a great CD that uses exclusively open sourced or GPL-compliant software, try a similar project called TheOpenCD (We have mentioned this before).

All you do is download the iso image as a bit torrent. Burn it to a cd and you are away.

Cool huh?


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