Tark or Bookmarks Aren’t Forever

More Firefox Goodnesso you find when looking through your bookmarks that you still have stuff there from researching your last holiday back in 2003 or that present for your brothers birthday from 3 years ago? I do.

Sometimes you do not need to keep a bookmark forever. You might be working on a small project or just keeping a few handy for research. No mater what your reason is, the Tark Firefox extension will come in handy for these types of projects

Stroll over to Mozilla Add-ons and have a look at Rollin Crittendon’s Tark (Temporary Bookmarks) firefox plugin

One use of Tark to harvest bookmarks that are of interest now but may not be in a few weeks. It uses icons to function as an egg-timer and change as weeks elapse to show show much time is left on the bookmark.

Works with: Firefox 1.5 – 1.5.0.* ALL

Worth a look.

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