Have you ever wished that you could load the contents of a CD right onto your hard-drive, and access it as a drive letter?
Well I know I have and with Daemon Tools,we can do exactly that.

DAEMON Tools is a virtual cd/dvd-rom emulator. It allows you to mount a CD image as if it were a CD drive, including its own drive letter. Of course, given that the data is actually residing on a hard-drive, disk access is much faster than even the fastest CD drives. Plus, while you may only have one physical CD drive on your computer, you can keep a number of CDs actively accessible.

To use it is dead simple, copy the contents of a CD to a subdirectory, and then use DAEMON Tools to give that directory a Drive letter. That’s it. You can now have Myst permanently loaded into the M: drive.

Small warning. When you install the program, it has an option to install some client-side software applications (DAEMON Tools Searchbar and Save Now) , this is basically ad supported software. They claim no URL hijacking or redirects! I guess if you want to support the FREE distribution of DAEMON Tools you might want to have a look at the optional software! (you can remove it anytime later when you wish: via Control Panel-> Add/Remove Programs). Besides it only takes one extra mouseclick to NOT install the searchbar. I really wish they had a Paypal tipjar or the like though.

Oh and it tries to emulate nearly all known copy protections on the market today.

Very cool toy, well worth a look if you have a laptop (one less motor running is a good thing, right?).

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