Bio Computer-On-a-Stick

bio usb thingyHow far away is Christmas? (Hint hint… nudge… wink… hint….) Damn! That long. I so want one of these (don’t worry I’ll get over it). Now if it only came with a Swissarmy knife as well I would be made.

Welcome to your “Portable Personal Computing Environment”
No more using grubby “public” computers with preset setups? (You’ll use IE and you’ll like it). No more leaving addresses and ookies lying around on clients PC when you check the Technet Knowledge base. Your Bio Computer On a Stick solves these worries by providing your own USB powered Linux based bootable private computing environment… protected by a fingerprint scanner of course.

All the standard apps needed are pre-installed, including Firefox web browser, e-mail, IM, and Open Office. Plus you get 512MB of space to store your files and documents. Simply locate a willing host computer, plug-in the Bio Computer, and restart (if the PC wont boot from USB there’s an included mini boot cd). Nothing is written to the host computer hard drive…

I know I already have a laptop and a bunch of USB keys (including the aforementioned Swiss Army model) but this rates a way cool factor that is pretty damn high.

If you already have a USB key ( and who doesn’t) have a look at the post from February, about portable apps and pstart (the menu program. A good place to start playing with this stuff.

But doesn’t it look just so cool.

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