TomsHardware does IPCOP Setup

OK this is serious geek stuff. TomsNetworking reviews IPCOP

Got an old Pentium kicking around somewhere and feel you would like to learn more about an Internet router than just plugging it in?

Building your own router using that old PC is a nifty way to do just that and learn a bit about Linux as well.
Win-Win as they say. :: The bad packets stop here! is a
Linux firewall with Web GUI and built-in traffic shaping and IPsec VPN. It can support up to four network interfaces and best of all it’s Free. On the downside the documentation is a tad incomplete on more advanced features

But to get you started all the bits you need are available.

Installation Manual (online) (html 197K bytes) (pdf 816K bytes)
Administration Manual (online) (html 559K bytes) (pdf 1,411K bytes)
IPCop Quick Start guide (online) (html 6.5K bytes) (pdf 20K bytes)
Hardware Compatibility List (online)

But to get started do have a look at the Tom’s Networking article.


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