Universal Currency Converter

I don’t know if this happens to you, but every so often I see an album/book/ piece of software and it’s price will be in Euros (or pounds or American dollars) and I think to myself

“What the hell is this going to cost me by the time I get it to Australia?”

The answer is of course “Way Too Much” but hey we are talking about currency conversion rather than prudence here. And the weapon of choice I use for this is XE.com – The Universal Currency Converter ®. Flash name huh?

I have been using this site for years to do currency calculations, you simply type the value of currency you want to convert in the amount box. They let you put in commas and a decimal point.

Next, you choose your select say Euros and Australian Dollars using the scrolling selection boxes.

When you are finished, push the “Perform Currency Conversion” button, and find out how big a dent you are about to put in your financial cred.

Seriously, check it out and bookmark it. Fabulously useful.

Also I just saw mention of this and thought, “Gee that’s clever”

I’m talking about PPCalc The PayPal Fee Calculator

If you are a Paypal user and have ever wanted to calculate how much you’ll be paying in fees for different situations then you might be interested in PPCalc. Plug in the numbers and it will tell you how much you really end up with after Paypal takes their cut. It also has a ‘reverse fee calculator’ which will tell you how much to ask for if you want to receive a certain amount. Very handy.


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