Universal TCP/IP Network Bootdisk for M$ Networks

Geek ALert:
This is one of those awesomely useful tools that I always make sure I have in my tool box (along with a copy of a Knoppix CD), allow me to introduce the Universal TCP/IP Network Bootdisk for M$ Networks

“So what does it do?” I hear you ask.

The Universal TCP/IP Network Bootdisk is a DOS bootdisk that provides TCP/IP networking support from a floppy. It’s designed for use in Microsoft networking environments, on either peer-to-peer or domain based LANs.

It’s trick is that it is dead simple to setup and use and it supports a gazillion (OK about 85-90) network card drivers.

Most people seem to use this bootdisk for “Ghosting” PC’s over a network connection but it has a few other uses as well. This is a quick version of how it works,

You have an “Ghost” image sitting on a server. A PC hard disk dies, rather than pull out hard disks and copy stuff across, pop in the Netboot disk, Re-image the dead hard drive from the server, Cool huh?

Best of all Brad actively supports and upgrades it regularly.

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