Videos: Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Tim O’Reilly and Bill Gates

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Director of the World Wide Web Consortium, Senior Researcher at MIT’s CSAIL, and Professor of Computer Science at Southampton ECS. ( wow pretty impressive huh?) gave a talk on The Future of the Web

The talk was organized by the Oxford Institute in collaboration with the Oxford Internet Institute, the Oxford e-Research Centre and the School of Electronics and Computer Science of the University of Southhampton.

The development of Web technology has been an exciting ride, a series of socially motivated technical innovations some languishing, others catching on in a viral way. As each development has suggested many new ones, and much of the original vision is still unfulfilled, there is a lot to do. This talk will discuss new challenges and hopes for weblike systems on the net.

And over in America…
A video of a conversation between Tim O’Reilly and Bill Gates at the end of Bill’s keynote speech at MIX06 conference. I came away feeling that Bill doesn’t quite get where the web based tools are heading. Have a look and see what you think.


Both fascinating and worth the time.

There is also an interview with Gates at News com

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