Weg makes a mug of a robber

I’m sorry but this just tickled me. I was riding on the train last week and reading over the persons next to me shoulder (rude of me I know… bad thatch) and as soon as I got home I had to see if there was a link with the rest of the story.

Weg makes a mug of a robber – The Age
AFTER a burglar broke into caricaturist Bill “Weg” Green’s Heathmont home on Sunday, it took the 82-year-old just seconds to draw his attacker.

Fifteen minutes later, patrolling police caught a suspect — and Mr Green’s drawing proved they had the right man.

Doesn’t the image of the police running down the street comparing people to a Weg caricature just crack you up.

Forensics, CSI, surveillance cameras… who needs ’em. We have ART.

For those who didn’t grow up in Melbourne, have a look at Weg’s website to get an idea of the sort of stuff he does.

I will stop giggling now.


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