Is your PC slowing down?

So you use Windows (statistically 80% of you do) and like all Windows PC it’s getting slower. Now the really fun question is WHY?

Well over at TPCSv8 there is a thorough investigation of what the most likely culprits stealing your precious performance are. It’s entitled What Slows Windows Down?

Here is a bit of the hype…

Any computer user that’s owned and installed software onto their computer knows that the more you install, the slower the beast runs. Most also know that it’s not just quantity and that what you install plays a large factor in how slowly your computer runs.

The aim of this article is to find out what types of application slow down a computer the most. I’m going to be measuring the“speed” as the time it takes to shutdown, restart and get back to desktop (with auto-login) and start an application in the computer’s start-up settings.

The PC Spy web site ran several tests to determine which applications, when installed on your Windows computer, are doing the most to slow down your system.

The author (OliWarner, who usually hangs out over at Experts Exchange) installed a bunch of likely candidates onto a Windows virtual machine in order to determine how much slower the system become. Each new application was installed on a totally fresh machine, and the tests were repeated 3 times each. The results?

Well you need to read the article, but I’ll give you a hint, everything I thought about Norton’s AV has been confirmed)

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