Windows XP keyboard shortcuts has published an article titled “Windows XP keyboard shortcuts” that lists five (yep count them … one two three four five) keyboard shortcuts. I mean the headers on the article are longer than the information.

So over at of Zen and Computing (great name) there is a slightly more comprehensive list of the shortcuts available in XP (not including those defined by third party applications).

Keyboard shortcuts are a great tool that can save you a significant amount of time, so in the name of efficiency, here’s a list of favorites.

* Bold: CTRL B
* Bypass the autorun feature of a CD-ROM: Hold SHIFT as you insert the CD.
* Close the current window: ALT F4.
* Copy: CTRL C
* Cut: CTRL X
* Delete an item without sending it to the recycle bin: SHIFT DEL
* Display properties: ALT double click
* Italic: CTRL I
* Paste: CTRL V
* Select all: CTRL A
* Quick text selection:
o Select forward, word-by-word: CTRL SHIFT RIGHT ARROW
o Select backwards, word-by-word: CTRL SHIFT LEFT ARROW
o Select down, line-by-line: CTRL SHIFT DOWN ARROW
o Select up, line-by-line: CTRL SHIFT UP ARROW
* Start menu: CTRL ESC (or the Windows key)
* Switch between multiple open windows in the same program: ALT F6
* Switch between open programs: ALT TAB
* System menu of main window: ALT SPACE
* Underline: CTRL U
* Undo: CTRL Z

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