Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and XP Service Pack 3

One of these things is not like the others

  1. Santa Claus
  2. The Easter Bunny
  3. XP Service Pack 3

That’s right … XP Service Pack 3 is the one that is different, most like to believe that the other two will show up in under a year, it looks like XP Service Pack 3 has been moved to the “snowballs chance in hell” column.

I read No Service Pack 3 Update for Windows XP? at Yahoo! News and giggled to myself.

First here is the quote…

With Microsoft now saying that its next major service pack for
Windows XP will not ship until 2008, some Windows users are wondering whether the software upgrade will ever be released.

“The fear is Service Pack 3 will just get killed off,” says Jeff Centimano, an IT consultant with Levi, Ray & Shoup, based in Kansas City, Missouri, who says that he’s heard concerns from administrators since late last week, when Microsoft announced “preliminary” plans to ship SP3 in the first half of 2008, later than previously expected.

That puts the update within months of the early 2009 cutoff date for mainstream support for the XP operating system, and users like Centimano are now worried that Microsoft may not feel a Service Pack 3 is worth the effort.

“That’s exactly how it worked out for
Windows 2000,” Centimano notes.

In late 2004, Microsoft scrapped a planned Service Pack 5 for Windows 2000 Server, electing instead to release an “update rollup” of security-related patches for the operating system.

And the giggle? Assuming that XP Service Pack 3 actually does show up in 2008, Ubuntu will have released 3 complete versions by then. Something to think about ?


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