Your Taxes At Work

So this is how the Australian government is going to take us back to the future.

According to the ABC News Online Families to receive free Internet filter.

The Federal Government has announced it will provide every Australian family with a free Internet filter to block pornography. The plan is part of a new package, called Protecting Australian Families Online, that will cost almost $120 million. Communications Minister Senator Helen Coonan says the filters will let parents set access limits based on what they think is appropriate.

The Government will make the National Library use the filters, and hopes all other libraries will too.

Here is the URL to the press release $116.6 million to Protect Australian Families Online

What are they thinking. The parents are probably going to get the kids to install the software. And surely Google could sell them the filtering technology that they developed for China, it seems to work well for the government over there..

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  1. This is a ludicrous waste of money BUT I prefer it to the utterly asanine idea of forcing ISPs to do their censorship for them.

    But.. oh look, a trial of ISP-level filtering technology wil be conducted in Tasmania. Will this paternalistic madness never end?

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