Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20070326

Oh there it goes, my ears finally popped and I have my hearing back, but fortunately my taste is still terrible {see below for confirmation of this fact}. The old thatchspace site now has it’s own domain I moved it a week or so back and if you need to find a back issue head over there and type what you are looking for into the search bar. Last week’s post now has a handful of photos of blurred cars and “that band”.
Let’s get going shall we, there’s a day out there just waiting to be wasted.

Lets do “Blame”. First up is a contribution from Anne S. The email was remarkably terse

Yep that was it, I agree it’s a bit terse as emails go, but the site is just hysterical, this may be considered “only just barely worksafe” but it’s great fun.

Next up for “Blame” is this contribution by Craig, it’s educational. (take it up with him.)
“A cool flash animated explanation of the spread of man over the last 160,000 years, with points where you can open up detailed explanations of important archaeological finds.
I found this one brilliant and what a great way to annoy your creationist friends (oh wait… we don’t have any creationist friends). The website is a pretty fine “Impediment” in it’s own right.

And both Flash games and “Blame” together. Jools’ contribution this week
I’m feeling poorly – that’s my excuse.
Love, Jools ”
The plane I designed kept trying to land behind me. this is a real time soak .

I don’t know about this one, at first I thought it was a joke. it’s a mobile phone from China built into a pack of cigarettes (complete with the ubiquitous “You’re gonna snuff it ” health warning), an MP3 player, dual GSM radios, a VGA screen and a microSD slot, all for under $300 Oz dollars and yes you get the smokes included in the price. {insert head shaking here} and
You just can’t make stuff like this up.

Eye Candy time. Hamad Darwish is one of the photographers who was commissioned by Micro$cum to shoot some of the photos used in Vista’s wallpaper collection. He is offering the ones they didn’t want as a freebie. These are 1920×1200 pixel images in the 30M download but you can use them just about on any OS that supports .jpg wallpapers (that would cover most of you). Some of it is gorgeous.

This fake trailer broke me up. “A Hard Day’s Night of the Living Dead” is a video mashup of Hard Day’s Night and Night of the Living Dead. So all the scenes where the Lads from Liverpool are on the run , and the camera cuts to the crowd of screaming girls chasing them? Nope. We got hordes of zombies. Sorry but it I thought it was really well done and really funny (which is way more important).

Illuminati doormats? Well not quite but check out this ambigram doormat that says “Come in” when viewed from the bottom and “Go away” when viewed from the top .

And lastly some of the highlights from over at this week.
A strange collection of stuff this week. Indian (they’re Irish) Fionn Regan (he’s Irish) and Susan Enan (I’m pretty sure she’s not Irish but she did live in Ireland for a while). It was a good week
Have a listen.


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Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20070319


Well this week I am doing my best Scarlet O’Hara impersonation and thanks to the “kindness of strangers” and I am going to get to see the band Evermore play. As mentioned last week Jools and I were catching up with friends over from England (a mad night of drinks at Young & Jacksons, food at Southbank and more drinks at the Belgian Beer Bar) and while we were there an old friend (he’s not really a stranger, thanks Russell) handed me a GP ticket so I could go and see “the kiddie band” ( I get the feeling he’s NOT a fan). So the upshot of all this is I am writing this while sitting in the Senna stand at Albert Park lake while waiting for the race to start (and more importantly finish).

Chrome & Red CarAm I enjoying this? You bet. This is truly a “oncer”. Sitting next to me are a couple of Japanese petrol heads, some German Ferrari fans and some Americans from Long Beach. Everybody is surprisingly relaxed. I think they have done this before.

So in the spirit of the day lets have a F1 flash game. (“BLAME” Russell, it’s all his fault) (this requires a bunch of login crap)
This one is easier to deal with

Meanwhile back at the race. This is so loud. The cars all just went past to line up on the starting grid (see how fast I pick up on the lingo) and they aren’t even trying and its deafening. Great, now they are using planes to deafen me. Our taxpayer dollars at work, the last F18 jet in the country just strolled past at “slow saunter”. Damn it just vanished, straight up.

“Sand Blasters: The Extreme Sand Sculpting Championship” think Mythbusters meets the beach. 16 of the best sand sculptors from across America go to San Diego, California,build amazing sand castles and then the surprise. Explosions! Over the course of this intense two-day competition, five of the eight sculptures are randomly selected for complete destruction by a Hollywood pyrotechnics crew (not Adam and Jamie). Then just to keep it interesting they play the video in reverse and slow motion. Silly yes?

Red Car in Pit LaneOk, we are now halfway through the race. Impressions so far.
Its loud. Really, really, really loud. The television doesn’t really convey how fast or loud these things are. So far its been a red blur followed by a white & blue blur and they’re followed by a pair of stunningly pretty blue & green blurs. Jools told me to take pictures. This is way easier said than done. By the time you have registered that the car is in the viewfinder and pushed the button all you end up with is a picture of asphalt.

F1 GP 2007One of the pretty blue and red and yellow cars just did a 360 spin on the pit lane in front of us. He only just missed the crash barrier. This is bloody dangerous.

Oh look the red car won. That means its time to find the concert stage.

Here is a link to a slow and mercifully quiet car, British artist Benedict Radcliffe created this truly amazing, full-scale sculpture of a Subaru Impreza. It looks like a computer model overlayed on a street photo, but it’s real, complete with Yokohama wire frame tires (nice touch that). Apparently local traffic cops weren’t pleased that the art was parked outside of the gallery on the street, as over the course of a few days, it was issued a few parking tickets!

Evermore 2{time passes}

Yaay! The band were absolutely great (some of the harmony stuff was a bit iffy) but they’re a really good rock band and they know how to play. This was just so much fun. Much better than the race. If you get a chance, do catch them live.

On my way home now and what I really want to know is how come the public transport system is working better than it does during a normal week?
So to sum up. F1 racing “frankly my dears I don’t give a damn”… But I did enjoy the day. Definitely a funny once. Evermore on the other hand I don’t think they are out of my system yet.

EvermoreAnd lastly had a look at Imogen Heap (another obsession), Hot Rod Cadets and The Rewinds. Some good stuff , go and have a listen.

Thanks so much Russell, I owe you one.

Whatever we currently pass off as normalcy will be resumed next week


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Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20070312

I didn’t buy a ticket to the Grand Prix to see Evermore. A sudden outburst of reality (and a shabby bank balance) caused a rethink. Jools and I have friends over from England so we will be catching up with them this week and somehow I am sure this will involve alcohol at some point… Ahh the things we do.

Now this is what I call a mashup, take two of the greatest poets of your childhood and put them together. That’s right Bob Dylan and Dr Suess.”Dylan Hears a Who” is a six-song album of music adaptations of Dr Seuss storybooks sung in the style of the awesome Subterranean Homesick Blues-era Bob Dylan. TRULY MAGIC
If you use IE and the player poo’s it’s self you can download the album here.

Easter is not far down the track now. And that means it’s Chocolate Season (the season dates this year are from 01/01/2007 to 31/12/2007), Chocablog has a great little Howto for making your own 15″ high chocolate Dalek — they call it “extermination by chocolate!” Here are some of the ingredients –
* Two 8 inch chocolate sandwich cakes
* Two Chocolate swiss rolls
* McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes
* At least 400g of milk chocolate. (buy more, you can never have too much chocolate)
* 100g bar of plain chocolate
* A Flake*
* Smarties*
* Large box Malteser
Going well isn’t it and beats the hell out of those wimpy bunnies.

Dalek Chocolate Cake

This cracked me up. Forget the boring red post boxes why cant we get post boxes like these???

This is a going to be a great “Impediment to Productivity” this is a time waster that puts all past time wasters to shame. I bring to you… Mojo the monkey.
You have heard the old saying about a million monkeys typing will eventually come up with the works of Shakespeare (or a justification for Howard’s Iraq policy) well here is ONE monkey practicing his typing and you must watch every word he types.
If the gods smile upon you, you will witness Mojo type a real word that is a member of the English language. If this should happen, you highlight and tag the word with your ID. You will then be the owner of that word for all eternity! But be quick, because someone else might tag that word before you, if they haven’t already done it.. When the page fills up click new page and you will have a fresh new page for Mojo to continue practicing on. The more English words you tag with your name, the more points you get. Or you could just watch paint dry.

BLAME and crop circles all in one . from Jools Secret-places-of-the-earth
Time soak par excellence! Mind you, some people get excited about the weirdest things.
With love,

and also from Jools

Listen to the pathetic sounds of gelatin melting, melti…. aaagggghhhhhh!”

This is going to be a grea t movie.
It features a stunning and fearless 18 year old “dream detective,” code named PAPRIKA, who can enter into people’s dreams and synchronize with their unconscious to help uncover the source of their anxiety or neurosis. It’s got fairies, Monkey, Busby Berkley salary men and a soundtrack that kills. Jools reviewd it already at not dead yet

And lastly some of the other highlights from over at
this week. Keller Williams, The Last Town Chorus and the fabulous Arcade Fire all are very interesting. (The Arcade Fire CD is on in the background at the moment)
Have a listen

As usual have a good one


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Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20070305

And here we are in March already, can you believe it? March is the season of Moomba, motorsports and madness, I just discovered that Evermore ( who I no longer need on my MP3 player because their songs just keep banging around my brain) are playing ONE gig in Melbourne. at the bloody Grand Prix. So I am seriously considering buying a ticket to a motor race I don’t actually care about to see a band play. madness. Anyway on with the games.

Mark Frauneder over at BoingBoing posted a link to the free documentaries available on Google Video (there are just under 4000 of them)
The prize though is a 1978 BBC documentary of a road trip with the late Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Steadman called “Fear and Loathing in Gonzovision”
or the 40-minute documentary about Richard Feynman called “The Pleasure of Finding Things Out”.

Makes you wonder why you turn the tele on some days.

The Lightsaber Umbrella has an illuminated stalk running up the middle, so that you glow like an eerie Jedi stalker in the rain ( now theres’s a video mashup for you Singing in the rain and the climactic fight from Starwars I . but I digress)

and then there’s “Drinks with Hats” this site is a godsend if the idea of making your own drink umbrellas appeals.

and to hold aus all until the Crop Circle season begins ( soon soon my dark pet) here is STONEHENGE – the copies. There’s seahenge and fridgehenge and carhenge (BLAME Jools)

Fridgehenge has another page here.

And in the Flash game dept. (and while we are still “blaming” Jools
I quote

This is satisfyingly addictive – troubling really.

What’s really scary is she is absolutely right. Theres a bike a crash, style points and appalling taste. you’ll love it.

And lastly some of the highlights from over at
This week we had my favourite jazz band Oregon. Jools had fun with a Portugese experimental rock band and Harvey Danger gave away their latest album.
Have a listen it was a fun week

As usual have a good one


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