Doreen’s Dolls

Jools and I know some incredibly talented people. One of them is Doreen.

01- OlafDoreen makes dolls (amongst other things, you really should see the quilt she did hanging in her stairwell… but I digress). Now these aren’t the whip down to the “ToysRWho?” and buy a Barbie, oh no these are lovingly handmade from all sorts of nifty things. The time and detail that goes into these must be staggering.

The photo’s are of “Olaf”, her entry into a recent competition.

Here is her accompanying email…

02 - Olaf FaceThe doll show was lots of work but we were all proud of our display of about 300 dolls and 78 in the competition. My doll “Olaf” won Best Mixed Media Doll in show and the Viewer’s Choice trophy too!

04- VikingMy Viking was on display but not in the competition. I have attached photos for you to see.
For Olaf, I made everything except for his jumper which was an opshop babies cardigan. He is about 45cm tall and the base is 60cm long. Still not sure where to put him!

I also made the Vikings helmet, axe and shield too.

If you want to see more photos of the show, I have a link from another girl who took photos. She collects Ball Jointed dolls which is a different hobby. The photos of the show are very good.

If you are as impressed as I am, leave a comment for Doreen and maybe she will send along a few more photos (or maybe start her own website/blog/ whatever).

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