Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 200070611

It’s a public holiday in Melbourne (one of the few we have left) and just in case some of you are reading this at home. stop now. You have a short week coming up after a long weekend. You will need this at work so that you can relax on Tuesday. It is a short week after all and you know how stressful they can be. I am dealing with the high stress by being slack and only doing a short one this week.

“Flash Game Dept:” Yes, I know Jools refused her promotion (?) to Head of Flash Game Procurement but she has come up with goods again. Read on.
“This is a really good impedimentia, but before you submit your high score though make sure you change the name or else Aurora will be credited with my umm I mean your score.
One to play when there is nobody else around, it could get ugly.
Jools with love. ”
Talk about stressful , this is a heart attack waiting to happen, It’s just so busy. I love it .

“It’s Winter. Lets Go To The Beach Dept:” Over in the warm and sunny Caribbean, the island of Granada to be precise, you will find The Underwater Sculpture Gallery by sculptor Jason Taylor. Maybe this is what the Australian Government will do after all the coral on the Great barrier Reef has been killed off by the climate change (that they have spent the last umpteen years ignoring).
and here we have ceramic jelly fish to go with it. These are cute in s weird sort of way.

“Back 2 The Future Dept:” When I started playing with computers you would turn the machine on, wait forever and then type in a bunch of esoteric commands and the computer would do stuff. I know it doesn’t sound like fun, but it was. Run BASIC is a site that lets you relive the era of PEEK’s and POKE’s and GOTO’s by giving you a place to run BASIC programs. All the old favorite command line and lo-res favorites are there, including hangman and HiLo. You can also write your own programs.

While on the subject of learning a language The BBC’s excellent stable of free online language courses has a fast “Quick Fix” guide for those that just need the basics. Included in each Quick Fix are vital phrases in seven different categories: Accommodations, Basics, Shopping, etc. You can download these phrases to listen to in your own time, print them out, or put them on your mobile. The BBC Quick Fix language cheat sheets come in French, Spanish, German, and a bunch of other languages. A great way to get a bare-bones introductory language course

“Bloging ’bout My Generation”. there isn’t really a lot more to say.

And lastly some of the highlights from over at this week.
Sgt Dunbar and the Hobo Banned are “internet street musicians”, Genevieve is a “Jersey Girl”, Mink de Ville would be proud, Nouvelle Vague are my favourite find recently. And the cowboy punk of 500 Miles To Memphis. Just a another week at duggup. Have a listen.


{Currently listening to Linkin Park (the new one. it’s a killer) & Susma Hirasawa }
{Currently reading: Still doing The Troy Game Series by Sara Douglas (it’s a thick novel)}
{Quick Status Check: Still going to Hell.}
{Crop Circle Status: June: Three so far for the month of June (We were on the top of the White Horse Milk Hill, near Alton Barnes in 2000. there were remnants of a circle in that same field then). }

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